Welcome in the harbour of Oudeschild on Texel!

The crews of the TX 10 and the TX 20 are waiting to welcome you aboard their ships.

Fishing for Shrimps and spotting seals

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Almost daily we depart for a 2 hour boat trip on the Wadden Sea with our two original Texel Fishing cutters, the TX20 (Walrus) and the TX10 (Emmie).
During the trip we will fish for shrimps and of course we hope to spot a few seals. They often lie on the tidal flats along the coast. Sometimes they swim near the boat! However, due to the natural circumstances it could happen that we do not spot a seal.

Not only on deck there are things to do and see, also below in the cosy and warm cabin you can relax and get coffee, tea or the famous liquor of Texel; ‘ Juttertje’. You can also find the toilets here and the TX10 has an elevator for disabled passengers.

Departure times

From the 7th of November until the Spring holidays we depart every Wednesday and Saturday at 12.00 o’clock. During the holidays (Christmas and Spring) daily at 12.00 o’clock, except on Sundays.

From the Spring holidays until the 7th of November we depart daily (except Sundays) at 10.30 and 14.00 hours. During the Summer we have an extra departure at 16.30 hours.

Trips for groups
Our ships can be booked exclusively for  groups, company- or school trips, teaching projects, wildlife spotting trips etc. We also have the possibility to pick you up in the harbour of Den Helder or Den Oever.

Our Address:
TX 10 Emmie and TX 20 Walrus
Haven 2
1792 AE Oudeschild – Texel

TX10 Emmie
Captain: Frido Boom
Tel: 06-514 98 614

TX20 Walrus
Captain: Herman Blom
Tel: 06-515 28 174